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Seward, N.

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Our trip to the Yarrangobilly caves, Australia. Shermann, G. Some of the properties of the ferruginous humic latosols of the Hawaiian islands. Soil science society of America. Proceedings, Ann. Arbor, Mich. Stephens, H. Foundry sand resources of New South Wales. Swift, D. Golden harvest. The story of gold mining in Victoria. Mining and geological. Taylor, J. The investigation of soils resources and agricultural potentiel in North Australia.

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Bathgate, D. Bird and bush in the Southern Urewera [New Zealand]. Baylis, G. Root system of the New Zealand mangrove. Transactions of the royal society of New Zealand, Wellington, voh 78, Nov. Benham, W. Polychaeta and Oligochaeta of the Auckland and Campbell Islands. We are also wheelchair friendly National Rehabilitation Approved. For breakfast, we have an extensive menu and also provide servings to suit guests with early departures. A charming country home in a quiet and scenic area. The splendid gardens, manicured by your host Mary, are there for you to enjoy together with the horses, ducks and other animals.

Rossbeigh, famous for its sand dunes and long beach, is only 12km 7.

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Close by are the McGillycuddy Reeks, Irelands highest mountain range, Blackstones Bridge and Lickeen Forest, where a stroll by the river could start or end an idyllic day. The area is an artists dream and perfect for walkers and rock climbers. She is exceedingly knowledgable about the local area and will be able to advise you on places to visit and local activities. All rooms are bright and individually decorated. Just 4 kilometers away is the lively little harbour of Courtown with its sailing boats and fishing trawlers.

Courtown has an amazing selection of different activities. For golfers, there are two excellent golf courses in the area. For walkers, there are many interesting cliff and beach walks and also a very nice forest walk. Ann is dedicated to the great outdoors and her hobbies include hill walking and cycling. Equipment Hire Can Be Arranged. Your host is Sean Stack ably assisted his daughters Maire and Brid. Their aim is to make your stay so enjoyable that you will want to return again and again. Be greeted on arrival with tea and coffee in the sitting room, available throughout the day.

All rooms have TV, Hairdryers and en suite bathrooms with a selection of toiletries. Breakfast is a choice of full Irish, continental, porridge with cream and, if desired, a little whiskey , yoghurts, fresh fruit and juices, toast and much more. Guests are welcome to use the gardens during fine weather.

Just 1km brings you to a fine sandy blue flag beach. A lockup is available for bicycles, fishing gear, golf clubs etc. Only short drive to the Tarbert Ferry. Tours can be arranged to Cliffs of Moher and Connamara with a bus pick from the door. We have excellent bars and restaurants nearby including the world famous Pullman Restaurant which is part of the Orient Express.