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The authors are acknowledged leaders in their…. Edited by Makiko Mikuni, The Person-Centered Approach in Japan discusses the history and development of the person-centred approach within Japanese counselling culture over the last 65 years. This transcultural counselling study introduces us to a range of settings…. Read the Preface here. The New Politics of Experience and The Bitter Herbs by Theodor Itten and Ron Roberts critiques the practices of psychotherapy and psychology and asks searching questions about the neoliberal motives that drive them.

Theorising of the human…. Sexuality is a fascinating phenomenon. Familiar to us all, it pervades the personal, social and cultural areas of life; it also remains an elusive and confusing aspect of our existence. Within a range of disciplines, gender studies, psychology, psychoanalysis and…. Each of us sets the psychological climate in which others live, no matter what our age, gender or cultural background. Since the s many psychodynamic therapists have begun to view the relational processes taking place between patient and therapist as a central source of transformation.

This volume elaborates a Supervising the Counsellor and Psychotherapist considers how to meet the supervision needs of trainee and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and other helping professionals using an Britain has a fine tradition of writing about supervision practice. This book connects to this by organising reflection around the practice taken from the author's sixteen years experience as a Edited by Christine Driver , Edward Martin.

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Supervision is a discipline that is informed and enlivened by the theories, insights and understandings of the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic disciplines to which it is related. This book takes key Edited by Donald Meltzer , Carlos Tabbia. Edited by Keith Tudor , Mike Worrall. This book is the first to focus exclusively on person-centred supervision.

The editors explore the practice of supervision in the light of person-centred philosophy and theory, review and critique Edited by Jan Wiener , Richard Mizen.

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Part One explores the nature of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, Part Two looks at a number of the settings and applications of supervision and Part Three examines problems that might occur in Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence and Practice is the first book to explore in detail the Supervisory Relationship, which research has consistently found to be the most critical Cognitive Analytic Supervision: A Relational Approach is the first book to present a cognitive analytic perspective on psychotherapy supervision.

This edited collection of original chapters reflects Supervision in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy demonstrates why supervision is an essential component of any psychoanalytic or therapeutic work. Drawing on Winnicott and rich clinical material, and Bernard , Rodney K. The standard for clinical supervision.

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Creative methods can bring depth and new perspectives to the supervision process. This book proposes that a firm understanding of supervision theory is the vital foundation to utilising the power of The latest edition of this best selling book on supervision updates and expands the previous three editions with references to the developments and writing in the field.

Since the publication of the Since the publication of the first edition of this book supervision has become of even greater significance in health, education and social care settings, with continuing pace in the trend towards Practitioners working in the helping professions realise the importance of supervision as a space for: reflection; compassionate inquiry; and continuing professional development.

This book presents Edited by Charlotte Burck , Gwyn Daniel. In this volume, as the title indicates, the focus is on understanding and elaborating what might be said to be "going on" in supervision as well as further exploring what is distinctive about