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Kids and Sports: Does being competitive excuse bad behavior?

November 12, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. My 4 year old and I played a game of Chutes and ladders tonight and when he lost he was every upset and cried. He didn't handle losing well and he couldn't understand why I won and he didn't.

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It put a damper on his mood for hours. I tried to explain to him that you can't always win but he just couldn't get over it. I then spent some time looking for a book and found this one. Great reviews and decently priced. I let him read me the book and he now has a better understanding of how he was being a bad sport.

Help Me Be Good Being a Bad Sport

I think reading this site few more times will help him full grasp how to handle winning and losing. December 5, - Published on Amazon. I had my grandniece and grandnephew over once a week, and would read them a bedtime story, discuss it and then say our prayers.

Always Be a Good Sport S4 E6

I'm looking into getting more from this series. I highly recommend this book to read a few times at least to your great kid who's a bad sport! February 11, - Published on Amazon. Read this to my child to stem some bad behavior about me, me, me.

It was great to change a kids frame of mind for winning and losing. Will need to read often, but it teaches good basic principles about being happy for others and looking at each other's special talent. All kids should read this, as well as some adults. Highly recommend.

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December 31, - Published on Amazon. I've used this with kinder classrooms and small groups to teach positive social skills.

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  6. For the majority of kids who are positive it's reinforcing. For the small number of "socially challenged" students it helps connect the dots between behavior and consequence. Please write a book for parents! In some cases, he would fall to the ground grabbing his ankle or knee or shoulder to indicate that his being injured was the reason for his failed scoring attempt.

    How about: cry baby, spoiled, false sense of entitlement, bad attitude, cantankerous, crabby, cranky, self-centered, insecure? He explained it perfectly to the kids as an attitude.

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    Help Me Be Good About Being a Bad Sport

    We need to have our kids compete and give it their best in everything they do. It also means your attitude. It means you own your efforts and admit when you fail. Competing also means being humble.

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    Being a good sport and being competitive go together.