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Each clan is beautifully illustrated on full page in color by Cherokee artist. March This book is out of print -- difficult to get. Email us if you are interested in this book. Children's Press is pleased to introduce. True Books for a new generation! Completely redesigned for today's young, investigative reader, True Books are an indispensable addition to any collection.

Each book guides the reader through the facts that nurture their need to know. The new, dynamic True Books design features: -- an inviting and interactive page format -- a readable and attractive typeface -- large, bold, and brilliant full-color photographs The True Books series takes the young reader beyond the standard, fact-filled text by adding avenues for further discovery.

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Each book includes a variety of sidebars, highlighting extra facts that will fascinate children. In the Important Words section, young readers will find a glossary of words that will both challenge and expand their vocabulary. Each book includes a To Find Out More section, where every curious reader can find a list of related books to read and organizations to contact. True Books also point readers to the vast electronic universe of information on the Internet. Each book will list: -- e-mail addresses to help the reader contact individuals and organizations -- appropriate newsgroups and mailing lists -- FTP sites to download fun and useful software Begun in the s, True Books are universally embraced as the definitive nonfiction series for young readers.

Now in its third incarnation, the True Books series has once again evolved to meet the needs and tastes of modern readers and educators. For the young, investigative reader, these books invite exploration.

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Large type and bold, color pictures and photos. With written permission, your order may be filled from the 'shelf'. Shelf books are new, but some may be slightly discolored or sale tags may be still attached. Foreign Customers: Shipping fees may not be calculated properly at time of purchase so please do not click on the payment Add to Cart button or the order may be rejected.

We ask Foreign Customers to email your order. Please do not include credit card info in the email. Manataka Books. Tsolagui M. A handbook of outdoor knowledge from various Native tribes of North America includes traditional gardening methods, fishing and hunting, names and ways of birds and animals, Native calendars, stars, seasons and divisions of time, and lists of wild plants and their uses for food and medicines. Lakota Sioux. Cherokee Books. Medicine - Herbal Healing.

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Herbal Tea. Naniboujou: Born as an exclusive club in the roaring twenties. Cascade: One of the shore's first true motor inns. Join us for stories of commercial fishermen turned innkeepers, the grand plans for a world-class private club, and the changes that motorcars brought to hospitality on the shore. The boys' uniforms were hand sewn by their parents and many players had never been out of Duluth, much less out of the State. From a homemade ice rink in Fryberger's front yard to Madison Square Garden they traveled, they played, and they won. This victory gave a major boost to the entire youth hockey program in the region and is a cherished memory of the Fryberger family.

For centuries around the upper Great Lakes, the Ojibwe people have been fishing in the winter using a decoy to lure fish within range of a hand-held spear. It isn't easy and it takes hours of preparation and patience to secure a fish. In this video you will discover this remarkable technique of ice fishing. In early spring, Ojibwe people gather sap from the cherished maple tree and boil it down to sugar as they have done for centuries in the upper Great Lakes region. John Henry McMillan respectfully demonstrates this age-old process with the assistance of a group of young people from the Fond du Lac Band of Ojibwe in Cloquet, Minnesota.

Award-winning producer Lorraine Norrgard, skillfully juxtaposes archival footage of the maple sugar harvest by Monroe Kelly and Robert Ritzenthaler with contemporary ways of harvesting to demonstrate this beautiful cultural continuum. About The Collection. Poldark Giveaway from Masterpiece. Featured Programs. Who Was George Washington? Roberta Edwards. The Underground Railroad. Raymond Bial. What Was the Underground Railroad? Yona Zeldis McDonough. Meet George Washington. Joan Heilbroner.

What Was the Boston Tea Party? Kathleen Krull. Children's History Press. Fifty Cents and a Dream. Jabari Asim. The Declaration of Independence. Peter Roop. I Am 5: George Washington. Grace Norwich. Pilgrims and Puritans. James Lincoln Collier. What Is the Declaration of Independence? Michael C. Annmarie Anderson. The Amazing Mr.

Ruth Ashby. Extraordinary, Ordinary People. Condoleezza Rice. Who Was Anne Frank? Ann Abramson. The Circuit. Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. James T.

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Harriet Tubman. Ann Petry. True Life: Frederick Douglass. Torrey Maloof. Brian Pinkney. Who Was Annie Oakley? Stephanie Spinner. Jeannie Meekins.

Amelia Earhart. John Parlin. March Forward, Girl. Melba Pattillo Beals. Martin Luther King. Verna Williams. Diary of Charlotte Forten. Charlotte Forten. Charles River Editors. Biddy Mason: Becoming a Leader.