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Can I save my custom kit for future ordering? As long as you have signed in or registered prior to using the Make A Kit tool you can save your customized kit for later. How do I refill and restock my custom kit? Kits will only be saved for customers who are signed in. Do my kits come with labels? Many of our kits and bags are labeled with our information and the type of kit. Refer to the container photos to determine if your selection is pre-labeled.

If you select one of our blank plastic or metal containers, a label will be included with the order, which you may apply.

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Working Class Canine- How to assemble a First Aid kit from a Dollar Store

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How to Build Your Own First-Aid Kit

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First Aid?

Bleeding Control? Emergency Response? Next Next. Is this kit required to be OSHA compliant?

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Back Start Over Next. What size kit do you want to make? You will have the opportunity to select a kit container later. Back Back Start Over Next. Would you like to select a kit container or supplies first? Select Supplies? I have my own container? Next you will be adding items to you kit. Select the product categories to make your " ". Select all Adhesive Tape?


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Elastic Bandages? Emergency Supplies? Eye Care? Feminine Hygiene First Aid Guides? Hair Care Hand Sanitizers? Hand Sanitizers? Hygiene Supplies.

Choose the type of kit you want to make.

Prepack Kits Refill Packs? Safety Gear? Stop the Bleed Packs? Survival Supplies? Wound Closures? Do you want to make any changes? If your kit is complete, click "Next Step" to continue. Keeping your home first aid kit in a central location helps to ensure that it will be accessible during large or small emergencies. It's a good idea to maintain two different first aid kits: one for the home and another for the car. Having more than one first aid kit means they will be available at all times. No matter what you pack for bandaging material, to use for splints, or even if you have a shield for doing mouth-to-mouth, your first aid kit must have a cellular phone.

There is no better tool in the event of an emergency. If you can't access emergency medical services, your car or boat first aid kit is not complete. Cellular phones must have enough battery power to turn the phone on, but you don't need a current contract with a service provider to call federal law mandates that cell phones must be able to reach anytime the number is dialed, regardless of the service agreement. So take your old cell phone that you don't use anymore and put it in your first aid kit for emergencies.

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  5. If you don't have an old cell phone, you can find one via various programs that unite old, unused cell phones with people who need them for emergencies. There are several ways to organize medical information and make it available for rescuers. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

    More in First Aid. Some practical places to store first aid kits include:. For the rest of your first aid kit, you'll need:. Was this page helpful?