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Starting a Bike Shop – Business Plan

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How to Start a Bicycle Shop | Financial Overview -

Small Business Finance. Can Akdeniz. How to Become a Real-estate Clerk. Felisa Barbee. How to Become a General-ledger Bookkeeper. Siu Otoole. Ray Myers Jr. Once every other month we will run a coupon for a service special in the university newspaper, the Daily Hyperbole. We also run this coupon as a banner ad in the Daily Hyperbole Online.

Our content site will also serve as a marketing medium. We offer downloadable maps of the city bike routes, maps of rides outside the city area, give information about the store, and announce sales. We believe that cyclists will regularly access our site for the valuable information we will provide, and this will reinforce their of awareness of University Cycle Works, and we will become their bike shop of choice. Print advertising. In addition to our coupons, we will keep a small 3 column inch ad appearing on a recurring schedule in the Daily Hyperbole.

University Cycle Works' website is designed to be a content site. We have neither the desire nor the time to attempt a full-blown e-commerce site. We could never compete successfully against them. Our target markets are immediate.

10 Things You Should Consider Before Opening A Bike Shop

We are using HooDaThunkIt Search Engine Consultants for the design and upkeep of our site, and especially for their expertise in gaining favorable listings of our website in the Internet search engines. Just putting up a website is not enough. Without the proper coding and search engine linking, a website will never appear in a Yahoo! We don't have the money to buy our way to a top three listing on every search, but HooDaThunkIt can get us into the search engines, and appearing higher than our local competitors.

First, we will have our store information: hours, location, phone number, brands sold, etc. Sales and current promotions will also be featured. Sales vary season to season and with the academic school year. Surprisingly, summer is the slowest season because there are fewer students in town.

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Business picks up in August with the return of the students and staff, and flourishes in September. Accessories and rainwear sales increase in the autumn and early winter. Repairs and maintenance are steady. Holiday sales are brisk, though generally leaning again to accessories, parts, rainwear, gloves, helmets, headlights, etc. Winter sales are moderate, and then pick up in springtime as people put away their skies and look forward to local outdoor activities, longer daylight hours, and drier weather.

Do make an effort with your point of sale. Keep it both relevant and fresh. Factor in whether you need a music licence and any other unforeseen costs. Look at the pros and cons of installing shutters. Will the reduced insurance cost eventually cover that of the shutters? Get a marketing plan in place before you open.

Business Overview

Tell people you are opening and build some hype. Social media is free, make the most of it and build a community. Go out, meet your customers at events. Putting a face to the shop brand is essential. Parking is another scenario worth considering in opening your shop. Are people likely to park outside you premises without shopping with you and how can you combat this?

Do you require signs to warn customers of potential parking restrictions outside the store and if so, are there restrictions on putting these up? Steve Barnett, Cycling On, Lancashire A bike shop is a small retail business that happens to deal in cycles and cycle related matters. My top tip before you embark is to get some business training. It might come from a formal course at a further education college, from practical experience in a shop, or even by getting help and input from a family member or friend whose business acumen you can trust.

The secret to opening a bike shop

Edd Littler, Edds Bikes, Stevenage First and foremost, read your lease agreements thoroughly when looking to rent a premises. Embrace the internet too. Develop a good social media presence and make sure you reply to your email promptly. People have a short attention span these days. Think carefully about your opening hours.

Make yourself as available as possible and try to only turn away really awful repairs. You need your business to be adaptable because your market might need to change suddenly. You never know if that annoying school kid has a rich father who might become a good customer. Do work your butt off to be better than that shop down the road. Attention to detail is everything when doing repairs. Say inch kids bikes to 29ers. It took me ages to shift all those purple brake boosters. How many other cycle shops are there in the chosen area? What is the population within easy reach?


Are wholesalers willing to supply a new business, or do they already have representation there? When I started I worked on the principle that a shop could make a living if there were at least 10, population per shop. However, I was buying a premises. J on Askham, Kinetic Cycles Research the existing locale and customer base.

Pay attention to censuses, and financial demographic data.