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Drawing on new scholarship—her own, and that of an international group of scholars—that has come to light since the publication in of The Gnostic Gospels, Pagels shows that what matters about Christianity involves much more than any one set of beliefs. Traditions embodied in Judaism and Christianity can powerfully affect us in heart, mind, and spirit, inspire visions of a new society based on practicing justice and love, even heal and transform us.

A source of inspiration and hope. Elaine Pagels calls for a generosity of mind as she takes us into the world of those early Christian texts that were left behind but now are with us. Her very tone breathes intellectual and spiritual generosity too rare in academe.

  1. Copy of 'Jesus' secret revelations to his brother' discovered by biblical scholars.
  2. Riding The Witchs Broom (A Sweet Release Quickie: Halloween Edition Book 1);
  3. Success Self-Worth & You: Your Self-Worth Odyssey.

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Professors discover copy of Jesus' secret revelations to his brother

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Professors discover copy of Jesus' secret revelations to his brother

Published: Riverhead Books - September 17th, Read Charles Dickens books aloud to your children as the author intended Ask a child to name their favourite author, and Charles Dickens is unlikely to top the list. But Simon Callow, the actor and Dickens expert, believes that is because they are reading Dickens' words, but not hearing them Christmas annuals in the attic - what are yours worth?

The comic book annual was often the biggest present you'd find in your stocking, only just fitting inside, although providing a sturdy spine for the other Christmas goodies. But how relevant are these annuals to the children of today - and how much might the Ruperts and Beanos of yesteryear be worth now? Rare books stolen in Norwich theft Police are appealing for help in locating some rare books which were stolen during a theft which occurred in Norwich around on Tuesday 5th December.

It happened around 4.

Collection (horse)

Rare 19th century playing cards Rare sets of geographical, astronomical and scientific themed playing cards featured in two recent sales. Those seen in a recent sale at Chorleys in Gloucestershire came from the estate of the late Alan and Joan Tucker, booksellers of Stroud, as did some 20, postcards and most of the books offered in the auction The "wondrously imaginative" handwritten and illustrated letters will be displayed at a major Tolkien exhibition at the libraries opening in June next year The books were sold at Cuttlestones' specialist collectors' sale at Wolverhampton Auction Rooms, with a number of individual tomes selling for several thousands of pounds A colorful history of judging books by their covers We are cautioned to avoid judging a book by its cover, yet that is precisely what publishers hope we will do.

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Dust jacket illustration, which came into its own in the s, has long deserved recognition as a serious art form. If any doubt remains, Martin Salisbury's splendid survey, "The Illustrated Dust Jacket, ," should dispel it But after it was published Oxfam asked permission to use his primitive bird sketch for its charity Christmas cards of the same year Egypt reopens an ancient library in Sinai An ancient library in Egypt has been reopened after three years of restoration on the building, which holds some of the most ancient manuscripts in the world.

Catherine Monastery in South Sinai is the second largest library in the world and holds a hand-written copy of the New Testament France declares Marquis de Sade's Days of Sodom 'national treasure' The Marquis de Sade called it "the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began". But France on Monday declared the manuscript of The Days of Sodom a "national treasure" hours before the subversive and pornographic work was due to be sold at auction in Paris Charles Dickens letter sold by Sotheby's auction A letter written by Charles Dickens about the aftermath of a Kent train crash has been auctioned off.

  1. The Elixir And The Stone: The Tradition of Magic and Alchemy.
  2. T Austin professors discover copy of Jesus' secret revelations to his brother.
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Charles Dickens survived a train disaster that killed 10 and wounded 40 How Charles Dickens gave a powerful 'story teller' account of post-traumatic stress he suffered from seeing horror train disaster in a newly-discovered letter to his opera singer friend in Paris Marquis de Sade erotic novel, or some quantum theory? You choose One of the world's largest collections of historic letters, musical scores, notes and manuscripts -- including the Marquis de Sade's Bastille-written " Days of Sodom" -- will be auctioned in Paris later this month Books as art decorate Penn College library, gallery Visually stunning reinventions of the printed page will fill the Madigan Library at Pennsylvania College of Technology in two exhibitions in January and February The 68 plate glass negatives from the s, salvaged from an empty house wrecked by a bomb in Derry, were believed to be part of the archive of the Derry Standard, a weekly newspaper that closed in How medieval manuscript makers experimented with graphic design Designing English: Graphics on the Medieval Page at the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries considers how early English manuscripts approached graphic design