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You want to be as high as possible. How do you do that? What happened.

5 things you can do today to boost your membership website's SEO

Why is this industry of SEO corrupted? Because there is a lot of snake oil. John Locke: Yeah. Chris Badgett: But why is that? They want leads, I guess. John Locke: They want the phone to ring. Someone contacted me the other day, just came through something on my site. No wonder this guy is not ranking. So the content on the page is always going to be the most important factor. And this leads into the second thing. Probably the second most important thing besides the sheer content on the page is how many people are linking to that page and what type of people are linking to that page.

Those are the two most important things by far. Content and linking are the two things that are gonna have the most direct impact. I would say probably number three would be the overall experience of the page. SEO is really about incremental progress. They need to game the content, they need to game their link strategy, to somehow influence the experience. Especially back links and key words on content. Not everybody, but there are people. So, in the early days of the internet, I remember it, if you wanted to rank a page for a certain keyword phrase, like at the very bottom of the page you woud see those words repeated like time.

They want people that actually have legitimate content, legitimate link profiles, legitimate user experience. Or the gaming mindset? Those sorts of things can work in short term, but as soon as Google sees it, your site can actually get penalized. Chris Badgett: So, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Or an SEO partner, right? John Locke: For real, yeah. So managing expectations, and you said this, how do you manage expectations. The one thing that I tell everybody is I would love for you to commit for six months.

Maybe it comes a little quicker, sometimes, depending on how fierce your competition is, cause every key word is different competition. Some are gonna be easy to win. Some are gonna be really hard. You just tell them straight up. Expect about a six month time frame. Always be measuring.

I think its important to cut your SEO professional some room to work some different angles. But like you said, make it measurable. John Locke: Yeah, it is. So, that would just be search. And then compare it to the exact same time frame previous to that.


Chris Badgett: Yeah. I would just encourage anybody listening to this that you get out of the mindset that the goal of SEO is in any way to game or manipulate the system. That includes having relevant content on your site, talking about it in the correct words that your customers are actually searching for, and then making it si good that other websites and people are linking to it and people are talking about it on social media.

John Locke: Yeah, most definitely. That goes for eCommerce, it goes for course creation, anything like that. You gotta have both types of content. Tell us about your service. How does the SEO and the website work together? This is where a lot of people get it wrong. Those sorts of things are very much intersected. Chris Badgett: Could you explain page rank for the uninitiated?

What is PR or page rank from an SE perspective? There used to be tools that would track it. They use it internally still no matter what they say. Basically it measures the flow of authority from one web type page to another. Say if you had a site like Timemagazine. Probably thousands if not millions of sites linking into it. The whole idea is, there used to be this thing called link juice.

You can call it link authority or whatever. Whatever you want. Links always will be part of it. It is a measure of how authoritative Google thinks your site is. It basically calculates a score. The logarithm uses a lot of fancy math to basically say this should rank higher.

$1,973,264 With Simple Membership Sites - How To Profit With A Membership Site Made Easy

I just had to throw that out there as an example. Content marketing. What would you give? Its kind of like the product ladder.

How to Improve SEO Ranking of Membership Websites on Google

Whatever your course is about. And then people get hooked into that and they begin to trust you and they become addicted to you, Then maybe they buy an ebook or they level up to a course and then maybe it goes to like a one-on-one. It very much starts with free content that you have to produce. People only buy from people that they know, like and trust. First they have to know you. Then they feel like, okay, I can buy stuff from this person.

Chris Badgett: In our pre-chat, we were talking about the concept of traction. Like with [inaudible ], for example, it helps you build a course. You can build coaching offer on there, you can build membership, you can build a community offer on there. How do these types of creatios building these types of things get traction? John Locke: The first thing I would say is, be in tune with what people are actually searching for and then have some sort of content strategy for reaching them. Knowing how people are searching for something will help you create content that uses those types of phrases and addresses that need.

Knowing how people search for something. You could use a tool like KW finder. It will give you basically the monthly search volumes for different terms. I use AH reps as well to just give me volumes for how people search as well. I was just writing down the title for this show is probably going to be something like SEO for Course Builders, Membership Site entrepreneurs, and online coaches with John Locke. Listings will be searchable and have a unique profile page.

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