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Boyband GMB3 had an awful name and even worse styling but their harmonies were honeyed. It was a similar story of talent but terrible naming with District Line guess where on the London Underground they live? Is The X Factor past its sell-by date?

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Simon Cowell to return to X Factor. It was a mixed bag with the girls. Essex teenager Amy Mottram had a lovely soulful tone. Georgina Garrett was a petite blonde whose rich, powerful voice seemed to belong to someone else. Waitress Sharon Rose was more restrained but equally impressive. However proceedings closed on a grim note. Bodystocking-clad Britney Spears impersonator Lorna Bliss was the sort of grasping desperado who gives talent shows a bad name — hungry for fame rather than remotely musical.

As she ran through her tawdry repertoire of stripper-style dance moves and got roundly booed, the contrast with heroic humanity in east London could hardly have been clearer. Terms and Conditions.

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Style Book. Amber eventually comes looking for her, but when she enters the house, she is heard screaming after seeing Micah's body. The creature possessing Katie leaves her body, scaring Amber out of the house before returning to Katie, who resumes rocking back and forth. Police officers arrive at the house about a half hour later and discover Micah's body as well. They call to Katie, who wakes from her catatonic state and seems confused.

Katie comes out of the bedroom with the knife still in her hand. The police ask her to drop the knife. Following a heated confrontation, a door behind one of the police officers slams shut, startling one of the officers, which causes him to shoot Katie, killing her. The film ends with the police investigating the area and finding nothing but the camera, still running. In this ending, available as an alternate ending in the home releases of the film, Katie returns to the bedroom after the screaming and noise of her and Micah struggling downstairs.

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She is holding a knife and covered in blood. She closes and locks the bedroom door. Katie walks over and smiles at the camera before cutting her own throat. The screen then fades to black.

A third alternate ending was written in which a possessed Katie would corner Micah and bludgeon him to death with his camera, while viewers watch from the camera's point of view. This version was deemed too complicated and too brutal to shoot. The version with the new ending, made after Paramount acquired the film, had screenings on September 25, , in twelve college towns across the United States.

A day later, Paramount announced that the film would have a full limited release in 40 markets, playing at all hours including after-midnight showings. On October 6, Paramount announced that the movie would be released nationwide if the film received one million "demands" on Eventful. The full limited release of the film started on October 9. The home release includes an alternate ending to the theatrical version. Additionally, at the end of the film, 15 minutes' worth of names were added to the DVD release, as part of a special promotion: the fans who "demanded" the film were asked by email if they wanted to have their name appear as a thank you for the film's success.

Michael Hogan reviews Sunday's fourth round of auditions in series nine of The X Factor.

The film received mostly positive reviews upon release. The website's critical consensus reads, "Using its low-budget effects and mockumentary method to great result, Paranormal Activity turns a simple haunted house story into 90 minutes of relentless suspense. Film critics James Berardinelli and Roger Ebert each awarded it 3. For extended periods here, nothing at all is happening, and believe me, you won't be bored. It doesn't sound very scary, but Peli manages to make it terrifying.

If you aren't white-knuckling your armrest at least once or twice while watching it, you probably don't have a pulse. However, some critics disliked the film. Michael Carter of The Breeze summed up the film as "all right", though denouncing its reliance on "cheap jump scares and an even cheaper 'found footage' style". We've seen it all before. Also in , mockbuster group The Asylum created their take on the film, titled Paranormal Entity , which would later spawn a series of its own. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the film series, see Paranormal Activity film series. For the phenomena of paranormal activity, see paranormal. Theatrical release poster. Oren Peli Jason Blum.

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Katie Featherston Micah Sloat. Blumhouse Productions [1].


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