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Between restraints, whips, and lots of practice, even easily orgasmic Georgia has to make progress, right? Maybe not. Especially when that look is from Billy, the stern, sexy instructor of the Sleeping Ladies. Mere hours before her first shift, Billy and two other instructors give Georgia the ultimate test. Seems that getting fired is the least of her concerns. His Kiss—First Billy was her boss.

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Then he was her partner. Hot enough to set off fire alarms. Like unpredictable. And not into the casual hookup scene. This BDSM romance contain explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. Includes, whipping, public sex, a passive and submissive woman, public sex and many other delights. For adults only. Product Details About the Author. About the Author If Cleo isn't writing or reading! If she won the lottery, she would hire an assistant to take care of the technical side of e-publishing so that she could write all day.

Some random facts about Cleo: 1. Sprained an ankle joining the mile-high club. Never again! Gets weak-kneed for bookish guys who know how to fix things with their hands. Average Review. Write a Review. Her fingers tugged at the silver chain. The puffy silver heart was dangling between her breasts, out of view. She inhaled, filling her lungs completely, then slowly expelled the air through her pursed lips.

This was it.

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The point of no return. Once she gave her official statement, she would be committed to it. She flipped down the visor to check her appearance.

The style made her look a touch younger, maybe twenty-one or twenty-two, and far more innocent, though her heart-shaped face seemed a little pinched at the moment. She exhaled hard again, feeling like a weightlifter trying to get through a final set. Her phone rang, the vibration and sound startling her, setting her heart to knocking against her ribs.

She looked at the display, in case it was one of her bosses with some last-minute advice or warning. Heather Plithen.

Fantasy Playland, no. 1

She forced herself to get out of the car, then forced herself to close the door, the thump sounding final and irrevocable, like the locking of a jail cell. It was quiet inside, not a soul in sight. A uniformed woman pushed through a pair of tan doors and headed for a white door. She barely glanced at Maisie. That could be a good sign. And really, why would they be waiting? She was a minor witness, that was all.

That was part of the strategy—to establish herself as a quiet sort of person—but she suspected that if she did open her mouth, nothing but terrified squeaks would come out. Byron was well over six feet tall and had the build and size of a former football player. His distinguished gray hair was cut in a style that screamed investment banker , and his suit looked equally out of place. While she was trying to keep herself from passing out, Byron was scrutinizing her. Verging on ogling. It made her skin crawl. He would know—she felt that instinctively, in every fiber of her being.

And as she followed him through the tan doors, time sped up again, then continued accelerating, an out-of-control car heading at breakneck speed for a cliff. Toggle navigation FullEnglishBooks. This book is solely for adults.

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Ebook created with Vellum. D ear Reader — Thank you for purchasing this book. Morality Clause coming soon! Willful Violation Lawyers Behaving Badly 3. Can she survive a punishment tailor-made for her, or is her pride too strong?

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And right now, their expressions were grim. Oh god, this was for real. Stop looking down. Stop fidgeting. Outside, the city was passing in a blur. She licked her lips and tasted apricot gloss. Underneath her fingertips, her pulse fluttered wildly. They could go to prison?

They would. Almost definitely. Maybe she was thinking about this the wrong way. The words started slowly as she examined this new approach. Maisie reached for the door, but Raphael caught her hand. All those layers existed to protect her. You can do this , his expression said.


She sat up a little straighter. Answer a slightly different question. Slowness by Milan Kundera. La tumba de Verne by Mariano F. Falling, Freestyle by Arend, Vivian. Rising Dragons Omnibus by Ophelia Bell.