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In the air, hanging unsupported, are great incomprehensible tufts of white cotton. And the vast glowing ceiling above.

Old Folks in Aesop's Fables

Now history branches, depending on which member of the sightseeing party decided to follow the corridor to the surface. Aditya the Blue stood under the blue forever, and slowly smiled. It was not a pleasant smile. As Aditya walked, she curled her hand into a clenched fist. Barron the Green stared uncomprehendingly at the chaos of colors for long seconds.

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Understanding, when it came, drove a pile-driver punch into the pit of his stomach. Tears started from his eyes.

Backward Compatibility

Charles the Blue considered the blue ceiling, taken aback. As a professor in a mixed college, Charles had carefully emphasized that Blue and Green viewpoints were equally valid and deserving of tolerance: The sky was a metaphysical construct, and cerulean a color that could be seen in more than one way.

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This was merely a natural phenomenon of some kind, having nothing to do with moral philosophy or society. Charles sighed, and turned to go back into the corridor. Tomorrow he would come back alone and block off the passageway. Daria, once Green, tried to breathe amid the ashes of her world.

I will not flinch , Daria told herself, I will not look away. She had been Green all her life, and now she must be Blue.


Her friends, her family, would turn from her. Speak the truth, even if your voice trembles, her father had told her; but her father was dead now, and her mother would never understand. Daria stared down the calm blue gaze of the sky, trying to accept it, and finally her breathing quietened.

Fable 3 OST - Fight Or Flight

She would find new friends, and perhaps her family would forgive her. Daria the Blue exhaled sadly, and went back into the world, wondering what she would say.

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Eddin, a Green, looked up at the blue sky and began to laugh cynically. Ferris gasped involuntarily, frozen by sheer wonder and delight. Henry B. Dewing, vol. Harper, The soldiers that heard it found that the song stayed with them and they too began to hum its melody.

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Have the man shot. They took the captain out into the middle of a field and tied him to a tree. All the while he was singing his sad little tune, since nothing in the world short of death would make him stop. When the muskets sounded the song ended. But the men in the firing squad had heard its refrain and when they returned to their comrades they brought the song with them. In the morning the general emerged from his tent and found that his men were not ready for battle. They leaned against their muskets with their eyes closed and, if the general could have heard it, they filled the dawn with music.

When the enemy crossed the plain towards them, their flags unfurled and their bands playing martial tunes, they were met not by bullets and grapeshot but by wave after wave of a sad little tune. There were no words, for the captain had never learned them, but the melody held such longing, such loss and such love that no one who heard it could be unmoved by it.

The Battle of Blood and Ink: A Fable of the Flying City

And as each man heard it, he lowered his musket to the ground, threw off his tunic and began to sing along. In the end, when the song was taken up by a hundred thousand voices, it drifted across the battlefield and back to where the woman sat by the side of the river. Home Submit a story Top Stories. One upon a time a woman sat by the side of a river and sang a sad little song to herself. A passing captain heard the song and was immediately smitten by its mournful tune.