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Ages of rain and wind have beaten and rounded the granite, and the sun is feeble and red. The continents have sunk and risen. A million cities have lifted towers, have fallen to dust. In place of the old peoples a few thousand souls live. There is evil on Earth, evil distilled by time…Earth is dying and in its twilight…. A similar vibe obtains in Arthur C. Like a glowing jewel, the city lay upon the breast of the desert. Once it had known change and alteration, but now Time passed it by. The last mountains had been ground to dust by the winds and the rain, and the world was too weary to bring forth more.

The city did not care; Earth itself could crumble and Diaspar would still protect the children of its makers, bearing them and their treasures safely down the stream of time…. Diaspar was all that existed. Such despairing visions, where mankind has succeeded in drawing the bedcovers about itself and huddling away from the universe, constitute some kind of Anthropocene endgame. In the late s, the nonpareil writer David R. Bunch, whose style and zaniness during his brief but intense career could best be compared to that of R.

Lafferty, began to publish a series of stories in which the Earth had been pounded flat by giant tamping machines and covered in plastic, with the seas themselves being frozen. Collected eventually in the volume titled Moderan , they showed a demented existence of internecine warfare among the self-sufficient redoubts inhabited by megalomaniacal cyborgs, and formed a telling commentary on all the anti-life impulses of the Organizational Cogs of that Mad Men era.

The once-beautiful, sweet and life-sustaining air was tinged with poison now, and man drank at his peril from the streams that had once been pure. The population of the domesticated planet, most of its landmasses devoted to agriculture, is ensconced in Urban Monads, gargantuan skyscrapers which house hundreds of thousands of souls apiece, for a total population of seventy-five billion.

The courier pods trundle endlessly and without supervision toward the urbmons, carrying produce through subterranean channels.

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Encouraged to breed endlessly, the citizens are pacified and modulated by an elaborate social code that satirizes the Free Love and New Age aspects of hippiedom. Very much in the manner of Douglas Adams, the volume purports to show plans for taming the surface of any natural world. Encasing cacti in suits of armor, channeling waterfalls through pipes, the anal-obsessive planetary contractor swathes Nature in sterile and safe packaging. This might be the manual which uber-Mechanist Mr.

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Well, maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys. It might seem obvious that novels featuring some apocalypse, in which humanity disappears mostly or entirely from the stage, would constitute the opposite of the Anthropocene scenario. After all, how can mankind dominate or even largely influence the future if the species barely exists?

But these civilization-destroying books introduced the necessary mindset made famous later by the title of E. Perhaps humans could reduce their footprint on the Earth and at the same time guide it, or help the globe co-evolve. No world-straddling cities, but instead every flower and tree would be engineered, precisely placed, and have its serial number.

Late in the cycle of these tales would come New Wave novels like J. Once the prospect of a non-steel-beach environment that was still proactively managed was introduced, writers began to imagine alternatives to the caves of steel. The album features a more "song-led approach" to his previous material, which is largely considered noise rock. According to Ranaldo, he did not "deliberately" suppress noise composition but with earlier acoustic versions of the songs he would "often kind of 'Sonic' them up.

Certain musicians influenced Ranaldo's songwriting including Joni Mitchell , Neil Young , Leonard Cohen and Cat Power , which he referred to as "a kind of older generation of songwriting. When Sonic Youth writes music, we write everything in a very communal way. It doesn't matter who brought something in initially, it all gets transformed by the band.

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In this case, I was making decisions, and I wanted them to have a certain kind of simplicity. They ended up more personal for that reason. All of the songs on Between the Times and the Tides are composed in alternate guitar tunings , except "Fire Island" which is composed in standard tuning. They're things that started happening, and you just sort of roll with it. Speaking of the album cover, Ranaldo said: "in some ways the whole album started with the cover photo, and I kind of built it up from there.

A young Canadian photographer took that photo of me in September during an interview session about legendary Canadian group The Nihilist Spasm Band. When I saw the photo I thought it looked so much like a cool album cover. At that point I only had three or four acoustic demos going, and it remained in the back of my mind that if I ever made enough songs for an album, I'd use that pic as the cover.

So that helped push me to develop the songs. On November 10, , Between the Times and the Tides was announced for release through an online blog post by Matador Records. Ward supporting. Between the Times and the Tides charted in four countries upon its release. Between the Times and the Tides received generally positive reviews from critics. Moores said it was "advertised as his first 'rock album'" and impresses sonically. In a less enthusiastic review for The Guardian , Killian Fox said Between the Times and the Tides was "more interesting sonically in the tension between questing guitars and straightforward song structures than it is in terms of lyrics, which aim to be down to earth but end up middle of the road.

Those wanting clangour and dissonance will be disappointed, but everyone else will be pleasantly surprised. The playing may draw on jazz, country, rock and Ranaldo's own avant-garde catalogue. But it's also a reminder of their irreplaceable magic.

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All personnel credits adapted from Between the Times and the Tides ' liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lee Ranaldo. It's a beautiful work, and it's in my neighborhood. I didn't really realize it at the time, but I like the fact that the cover photo was taken locally, in my 'hood.

The Quietus.

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