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What are DOMS?

One woman, ready to prove to them why she deserves a second chance.

She ends up hurting the two men who meant the most to her, her boyfriend, Devon, and her best friend, Jax. But the long hours and lonely nights take their toll. And her new transfer to San Francisco gives her the perfect opportunity to act on her fantasies.

But not with who she expects. The moment Devon sees Jillian sitting at the bar, he knows he has to have her again. She might have broken his heart thirteen years ago, but he never got over her. And neither has his best friend and business partner, Jax. The connection they have is more powerful than they could have imagined. Can Devon and Jax convince her she belongs with them for good, or will Jillian do what she does best?

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Also by This Author. But if anyone has, I would certainly be interested in hearing about your experiences.

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I think it would be fun. Id picture one being the Dom of the whole situation and the other a sub to the dom but a dom to the little.

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  • It seems cimplicated but seems like it could be fun. I thinking having little siblings is also the best : maybe not nessisarily younger but other littles in the mix.

    The Submissive Woman Being Spanked by Two Doms

    I think it would be a good balance. Maybe im just weird though. No clue. But it could be fun and challenging. I have a Daddy already and I am looking for a Mommy.

    DOMS timing: just how delayed is it?

    The trouble I am running into is that not very many mommies like to share and are into being polyamorous. It sucks but alas I press on my search. I will find my Mommy! The main thing we did was to keep things separate. If her mommy told her to do something, or had certain rules, I didn't contradict her. It's tough, but it can work if everyone is okay with it and understanding of what the others want.

    The little and the mommy dated on their own for over a year before we all started dating.

    Been to The Dom Bar? Share your experiences!

    I had an established relationship with the little before that. We both work hard to make our little feel safe, loved and happy. We also help look after each other. A little bit of jealously from the little now and then is part of being a little.

    Her Two Doms by Ashe Barker

    Options 7 posts Page 1 of 1 7 posts. Who is online. Ah, no fun! I'm sorry you've gotta hide, but there[…].

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